• Understanding Kubernetes HPA and Its Role in Cloud Cost Reduction

    Understanding Kubernetes HPA and Its Role in Cloud Cost Reduction

    Introduction Kubernetes’ autoscaling is a fundamental feature that allows for efficient resource utilization and cost reduction. The more precisely you set the scaling mechanisms – HPA (Horizontal Pod Autoscaler), VPA (Vertical Pod Autoscaler), and Cluster Autoscaler – the less wastage and cost you incur for your application. Kubernetes offers three distinct autoscaling mechanisms: HPA, VPA,…

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  • Mastering Kubernetes Autoscaling for Efficient Cloud Cost Management

    Kubernetes is a powerful tool for container orchestration. But does it guarantee optimal resource allocation and cost savings? Not necessarily. While running more workloads on the same server instance might seem cost-effective, it’s challenging to track the costs generated by different projects or teams within Kubernetes. Moreover, understanding whether you’re actually saving money with your…

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  • Cloud Cost Control: Best Practices

    Most organizations that move into the cloud sooner or later find themselves grappling with cloud cost control challenges. The consequences of poorly planned cloud investments may result in the business perpetually guessing. At the same time, the bills for metered services continue to mount, and cloud services are often overallocated or underutilized. No business can…

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